We provide advice and services in relation to:

  • Transport Carbon Auditing & Emissions Analysis
  • Travel Plans
  • Fleet Management & Business Travel
  • Auditing & Accreditation

Transport Carbon Auditing & Emissions Analysis

We have developed a transport emissions auditing tool that can be used to quantify fleet and business and commuter travel carbon emissions.  We are experienced in assessing the energy and emissions impacts of transport policies, programmes, technologies and measures and have worked for the Department for Transport and several local authorities on studies to evaluate the climate change and air quality impacts of sustainable transport polices, programmes and measures.

Travel Plans

Increasingly private and public sector organisations are benefiting from the introduction of employee travel management strategies - otherwise known as travel plans. We have been working in the field of travel plans since 1998 when Simon was responsible for developing and managing the very first Government programme to promote the take-up of travel plans amongst UK organisations. More recently we have worked with a number of individual organisations to help them develop and implement travel plans. We can assist with:

  • Developing a business case for a travel plan and gaining management buy-in
  • Site audits to assess the barriers and opportunities for promoting alternative modes of travel
  • Staff travel surveys, focus groups and postcode plotting to explore existing travel patterns and the potential for different measures to achieve changes in travel behaviour 
  • Developing partnerships with local authorities and service providers, such as public transport operators
  • Preparing action plans for managing the development and implementation of the travel plan
  • Implementing specific measures to promote public transport, cycling, walking, car sharing and flexible working
  • Marketing and communication strategies to help raise awareness and promote alternative modes of travel
  • The preparation and review of travel plan documents
Fleet Management & Business Travel

Commercial vehicle use and employee business travel by car are responsible for almost 50% of all road vehicle mileage in the UK. This represents a huge cost to organisations as well as to the environment. We work with organisations to help identify and implement cost-effective measures that improve environmental performance and productivity of business and commercial transport operations.  Areas that we can advise on are:

  • Developing a business case for implementing measures to reduce the environmental impact of business transport operations
  • Preparing a ‘green’ fleet policy
  • Specification of cleaner fuels and cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicles
  • Managing the grey fleet
  • Systems for capturing and monitoring mileage and fuel consumption data
  • Reducing in-use fuel consumption and emissions, e.g. through advanced driver training programmes
  • Strategies for reducing mileage of fleet vehicles and of employees travelling on business

Auditing & Accreditation

We are experienced in auditing against ISO 9001 and 140001 and in auditing the environmental performance of companies’ transport operations. We have worked for the Department for Transport in helping to design EST's Motorvate accreditation scheme and have undertaken some of the audits for this programme. We were also commissioned by Heathrow Airport to manage their Clean Vehicles Programme Accreditation Scheme.